Alarm Response

Our alarm service has an obligation to provide fast response times for both commercial and residential assets throughout Canada. Guard4u security assists 24/7 in the monitoring of your belongings to sense illegal entry. If the on-site alarm is generated our security staff is alerted directly to divert them to the site with haste. Our alarm control panel is connected to all the components- Sensors, Keypad, Indoor, and Outdoor Sirens. Diverse keypad choices are offered in the market for like LED keypads, LCD keypads, and touch screen keypads available in both wired and wireless options.
We deliver Commercial Alarm Monitoring to an extensive kind of businesses for monitoring to protect the people and assets and enrich their corporate tasks. Guard4u Security is fully recognized for fire safety and prevention that include design, supply, and installation with an extensive choice of fire alarms for detection, protection, suppression, and emergency lighting systems. Our No.1 preference is guardianship of customers safe and secure by opting our alarm systems the purposes is solved effortlessly.
Our alarm service offers affordable and professional alerting options for a rapid timely response. Our purposes include small business and retail security services, and technologically advanced commercial applications for large-scale alarm structures. An innovative security system is adapted to achieve the multipurpose features in protecting the community. Wireless alarm systems are desired option for home and business owners for effective security alerting systems.

Typical Duties of Private Residential Security

  • Access Control
  • Emergency and Delivery Access
  • Property Monitoring
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Grounds Patrolling
  • Emergency Response
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Strata Bylaw Enforcement

Upgrade Your Security Technology

At g4u Security, we are strong believers in the principle of crime prevention by environmental design. Crime will migrate to businesses and properties where it can operate quietly. Installing a modern security alarm system removes this opportunity, removing weak points and preventing most crime from occurring. A recent study highlighted that Canadian businesses without alarm systems are more than four times as likely to be broken into than businesses that do, and retail stores are especially vulnerable.


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The Benefits of Commercial Alarm Installation

While alarm installation represents a small upfront investment, it provides round the clock protection for your business and property. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from installing a commercial alarm system:
  • Save on business insurance costs
  • Attract customers to a safer environment
  • Boost your corporate safety reputation
  • Keep employees and customers safe
  • Advanced crime prevention and quick detection


G4usecurities Academy

The safety and security of our guards and clients is our top priority. That’s why we invested in our pioneering Blackbird Academy training school. Delivered via our own in-house team, alongside exterior experts, our comprehensive training program encompasses areas like St. John’s Mental Health Training, Indigenous Awareness Training, Conflict Resolution and Customer Service. If your current security provider doesn’t offer this level of training, it’s time to work with Canada’s number one security company.
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